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How to change, update, or cancel your Marketplace plan

If you’re currently enrolled in Marketplace coverage, you may qualify for more tax credits.

BeWellnm has certified and local experts to help you with your application.  Are you ready to talk, chat or schedule a virtual appointment with local experts?  Contact us

Update your health plan: Report changes, keep plan up-to-date

If you experience a change to your income or household — like a pay raise, a new household member, or a dependent getting other coverage — you must update your beWellnm application.

  • Some changes will qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period, allowing you to change your plan.
  • Some changes, like an increase or decrease in income, may affect your savings or coverage eligibility. If you don’t update, you may miss out on additional savings or pay money back when you file your taxes.

Cancel your health plan: Any time

You can cancel your beWellnm coverage any time. You may need to do this if you get other health coverage, or for another reason.

You can end coverage for:

  • Everyone on the application after your coverage has started. Your termination can take effect as soon as the day you cancel, or you can set the beWellnm coverage end date to a day in the future — like if you know your new coverage will start on the first day of the following month.
  • Just some people on the application. In most cases, their coverage will end immediately.