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Welcome to New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange. 

Whether you are a new customer, returning customer, a small business owner or, agent & broker beWellnm is a trusted resource in New Mexico. 

Our mission is to promote efforts to educate and enroll New Mexicans in affordable health insurance coverage that promotes better access to timely, high quality healthcare. 

We could not do this work alone.  To achieve the goal of getting every New Mexican health coverage beWellnm works closely with community leaders, partners, stakeholders, carriers, navigators, enrollment counselors, agents and brokers across the state.  We want to be everywhere you are!

Don’t wait, give us a call at 1-833-862-3935, chat with a certified enrollment counselor or schedule a virtual appointment with an expert.  We want you to have all the answers to your questions to make the best decision on a health plan.  The assistance through beWellnm is free.