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Individuals and Families

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Please download the materials you need to help you learn more about your health insurance options!

Materials for Enrollment within the Marketplace:

Request Materials

Medicaid Losing Coverage?

Pre Enrollment Checklist

Health insurance with lower income under 200% FPL - English

Health insurance for less than 33 cents - English

Health insurance for less than 33 cents - Spanish

Plans for less than $10 - English

Plans for less than $10 - Spanish

Zero Dollar Premiums

Immigration - English

Immigration -Spanish

Special Enrollment

In Between Jobs?

Health benefits for Native Americans compliments IHS

Native American Fact Sheet

Native American No-Cost or Low-Cost Support IHS

Native American Cost Sharing

Everyone Qualifies for Coverage


You Qualify For Coverage – English


En estos tiempos difíciles, puede obtener cobertura de salud. – Spanish


Sẽ ngày càng nhiều người dân New Mexico hội đủ điều kiện
để nhận dịch vụ y tế $0. – Vietnamese



Collaborative Materials pertaining to the COVID19:

COVID Testing is Free to New Mexicans