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Virtual Enrollment Checklist

Take a few minutes now to get the documents you need to apply for a health plan. You’ll need information about yourself and the members of your household. To prepare for your meeting either virtually or, over the phone with an enrollment counselor/agent/broker, make sure you let them know how you can connect:

  • To connect with the agent/broker and or enrollment counselor determine how you are going to work using a:
    • Cellphone or Landline
    • Tablet, laptop, Computer
  • A strong internet ensures that you are able to complete the meeting within the timeframe scheduled.
  • Telephones connect anywhere and everywhere.
  • Virtual apps such as Zoom, Webex, Facetime are just a few of the popular apps that allows you to see the shared screens with the certified professional.

What do I need to apply?

  1. Basic information. Names and dates of birth for each person in your household and their relationship to you.
  2. User Name and Password. Provide your email address that you used for sign up on healthcare.gov.
  3. Access to your e-mail.  What e-mail do you use? You will need an e-mail account to complete an enrollment application.
  4. Home mailing address. If someone in your household has a different home address, you’ll need that, too.
  5. Social Security numbers. Enter each person’s Social Security number for all who are applying. If you leave this blank, you may be asked to provide more information at a later time.
  6. Information about professional enrollment help. Did you get help from a broker, agent or enrollment counselor? If so, you’ll enter some information about this person on your application.
  7. Immigration document information. Is anyone on your application a legal immigrant? If so, you’ll be asked to provide information from immigration documents.
  8. How you file your taxes. If you file federal income taxes, you may be asked about your filing status and who you claim as a dependent on your taxes.
  9. Income information. Enter employer and income information for everyone in your household.
  10. Health insurance policy numbers. If anyone in your household currently has a health insurance plan, you’ll enter the policy numbers. You can find this on the health insurance card or documents from the plan.
  11. Current Marketplace Plan ID. You’ll enter the Plan ID for anyone in your household who currently has Marketplace coverage.
  12. For Native Americans, a Certificate of Indian Blood or Tribal Identification Card.  Native Americans can enroll all year.
  13. Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) If someone works for a business that offers help paying for a health plan or health care expenses through an HRA, use the notice from the employer to complete your Marketplace application.

How long does it take to apply?

Filling out an application for coverage may take an hour. Or, it could take longer. You might start the application and come back later to finish. Get started now so you have enough time to finish.