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In-person enrollment assistance is key to success

Polls suggest that consumers who get in-person help are more likely to successfully enroll than those who go it alone. That’s why brokers, agents and enrollment counselors play such a critical role. In-person assistors help people complete their applications/renewals during open enrollment and provide assistance year-round to those who might otherwise go uninsured.

Sunday, November 27

Tips for a less stressful open enrollment season

Employees and individuals may feel stressed about making health insurance choices during open enrollment period. Time is limited, and they’re essentially trying to foresee how much health care they may need in the coming year and pay the least amount possible for it. It can be a balancing act.

Thursday, October 27

What matters most to health care consumers?

Knowing why New Mexicans purchase health care coverage can help brokers guide their clients to good insurance decisions. 

Wednesday, June 1