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Tax time is coming - reconciling subsidies

New Mexicans who received subsidies through the Exchange in 2016 should receive Form 1095-A

Thursday, March 2

Premium tax credits bring down costs

Helping New Mexicans understand their potential savings can make all the difference in bringing new clients on board with health insurance through beWellnm. Cost breaks helped New Mexicans pay for health insurance this year, with an average premium subsidy amount of $200 per month.

Thursday, October 27

Employer strategies

Although the Affordable Care Act is designed to broaden the reach of health insurance and has succeeded in reducing the number of uninsured Americans, it does not directly address the cost of health insurance.

Thursday, September 1

Why offer health insurance?

Small businesses often are running on a shoestring, and the cost of health insurance can be a major expense when margins are slim.

Wednesday, July 20

What matters most to health care consumers?

Knowing why New Mexicans purchase health care coverage can help brokers guide their clients to good insurance decisions. 

Wednesday, June 1