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Have you heard what Small Business Owners are saying?

Have you heard what Small Business Owners are saying? 

Here are what employers are saying about beWellnm for Small Business: beWellnm Customer Stories

If you have a group interested in sharing their stories we would like to hear from you, give us a call at 1-800-204-4700.

Tuesday, June 20

beWellnm Small Business

BeWellnm Small Business is still here to support your efforts with employer groups!

Small Business Owners with 2 and under 50 full time employees have the opportunity to save money on health insurance with FREE assistance by seeking a professional Agent or Broker in their community.  If you have a group interested in saving their bottom line, Teresa McLane is our Operations Specialist for the beWellnm for Small Business and is here to guide you and your groups through the process. 

Give us a call at 1-800-204-4700 to learn more about the resources we have at beWellnm for Small Business and or schedule a meeting with our expert Teresa McLane. 


Tuesday, June 20

Customizing benefits for different generations of workers

Understanding how to engage with the different generations of workers.  What are their priorities? 

Monday, May 1

Demystify health insurance language for clients

Now that you have enrolled in a health plan, what you need to do next to ensure you are taking advantage of your benefits.

Monday, May 1

What do you know about special enrollment?

We have the answers to your questions that can help clients who may be eligible for special enrollment:

Tuesday, April 4

Navigating HSAs, HRAs and FSAs

How to guide a client facing Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Thursday, March 2

Tax time is coming - reconciling subsidies

New Mexicans who received subsidies through the Exchange in 2016 should receive Form 1095-A

Thursday, March 2

HR trends to watch

According to, here are some of the human resource trends forecast for the next year...

Friday, February 10

Help clients explore special enrollment opportunities

New Mexicans who don’t have health insurance or who experience changes in their lives that can affect their coverage may not be aware of special enrollment.

Friday, February 10

Comparison tools for last-minute shoppers 2017

The clock is ticking as open enrollment comes to a close on Jan. 31, 2017! beWellnm is your local resource for comparing plans and information. Use the tools at to help clients compare plans and costs as they make their final selections for health insurance.

Tuesday, January 10
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