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Kris Degenhardt

Los Lunas, New MexicoKris
Executive Director for Catholic Charities

What matters most:
  • Advocating for people in need in our community
  • Access to health care for everyone who needs it
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State Finance Company

Las Cruces, New MexicoBillie
beWellnm for Small Business customer since: 2015
Employees on staff: 4

Top priorities:

  • Taking care of employees and their health

  • Providing a choice of plans while controlling costs

  • Taking advantage of small business tax credits

“We hadn’t enrolled in health insurance online before, so it was all new to us, but the staff at beWellnm guided us along and answered all of our questions.”
– Billie Stern, Assistant Manager
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Iliana Carrillo

Albuquerque, New MexicoIliana Health Insurance
Former Mexican National Gymnastics Team member
beWellnm customer since: 2014

What matters most:

  • Health, happiness, strength and healing

  • A safety net for health emergencies

  • A support system when you need it most

 “It’s very important to have health insurance … just look at me! I was not expecting a heart attack or car accident; life is unpredictable and it’s beyond your control.”
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Kris Degenhardt

Everyone Needs Access to Health Care

Kris Degenhardt knows firsthand the importance of accessing quality health care at an affordable price. As the Executive Director for Catholic Charities in New Mexico, Kris finds solutions to help new citizens and others who need a helping hand. Catholic Charities is a nonprofit organization with a mission to create hope for those in need by strengthening families, fighting poverty and building community.

When Kris first moved to New Mexico, he did not have health insurance coverage. After seeing a billboard for beWellnm, he called and made an appointment with an enrollment counselor. Kris said the counselor was very helpful and made the process easy. Now Kris has peace of mind knowing that he is covered by health insurance, and he wants others to have that same opportunity.

For Kris, doing important and meaningful work for people in need is what matters most. The rewards of nonprofit work are measured by seeing positive outcomes for people and families in our community. That’s why people like Kris and thousands of other New Mexicans need a place to go to get their own health insurance, so they can take good care of themselves and their health. BeWellnm is here to help make it happen.

If you want to get covered, sign up starts Nov. 1, with help from beWellnm. Please call 1.833 ToBeWell or 1.833.862.3935 TTY: 1 (855) 851-2018 or visit

Enrolling in Small Business Coverage Was Easy

State Finance Company is a trusted finance company in Las Cruces that builds its success on customer relationships. Locally owned for more than 70 years, the company prides itself on helping customers achieve their financial goals and dreams while also taking good care of employees. Billie Stern, Assistant Manager, State Finance Company, says that the beWellnm for Small Business Marketplace expanded their options for providing health insurance to employees.

The right fit for a staff of 4

“We’re a very small group with only four people on staff,” Billie shares. “Still, having small numbers doesn’t limit our choices for coverage through the Marketplace, which is nice.” With the beWellnm for Small Business Marketplace, the employer can choose the metal level coverage for employees, and employees can select the plan that’s best for them. This allows the employer to control costs while still offering a choice of plans. “We’ve been very pleased with the coverage,” Billie adds.

Small business tax credits helped

For State Finance Company, the small business health care tax credit also helped defray some of the employer costs. Billie explains, “This was a factor for us in choosing beWellnm, and our accountant helped with those details.” The beWellnm Marketplace is the only place where employers who qualify can take advantage of this tax credit.

Personal service makes a difference

State Finance Company enrolled its employees through beWellnm for Small Business for the first time in 2015, with a coverage start date of Oct. 1. “We hadn’t enrolled in health insurance online before, so it was all new to us, but the staff at beWellnm guided us along and answered all of our questions,” Billie recalls. “I was so impressed by how Sharon Heinl and Teresa McLane walked me through every step.” Billie appreciates having local contacts at beWellnm who she can call directly anytime for help. “They’re not there to give you advice, but they can point you in the right direction — before, during and after enrollment. The staff also helped our employees when they had questions.”

In 2016, the group was on board for enrolling again through beWellnm for Small Business. “The process was smooth once again this year,” Billie says. “We got started Aug. 1 with reviewing options. Then employees had one month to choose their plans, and our new coverage started Oct. 1.”

Check out your options

Billie’s advice for other small businesses going through the decision-making process is this: “Check out your options with beWellnm, it’s worth it. We were apprehensive about it, but signing up was a lot easier than anyone anticipated.”

If you would like more information about beWellnm for Small Business, please contact our Small Business Operations Specialists at 1.800.204.4700 TTY: 1 (855) 851-2018 , or visit

Iliana Carrillo

Health Insurance Saved My Life

For Iliana Carrillo of Albuquerque, getting covered by health insurance through beWellnm has been extremely important for her health and well-being. Iliana didn’t think she needed health insurance — but she signed up anyway — and it saved her during a very difficult time in her life.

“I was perfectly healthy.”

Back in the 1980s, Iliana was a member of the Mexican National Gymnastics Team and received a scholarship to attend the University of New Mexico in 1984. She was always a very strong and healthy person, and that’s why she hesitated about signing up for health insurance.

“A friend told me that her daughter had broken her arm and the bill was $16,000. She advised me to get health insurance because ‘you never know ….’ This turned out to be good advice at exactly the right time for Iliana. She adds, “Obamacare went into effect and I thought, getting health insurance is the law now … I better do it.” She enrolled in an individual health plan through beWellnm in 2014. Then three months later, her life changed.

“I had a heart attack.”

“I had a massive heart attack, and a few months later, I was involved in a terrible car accident where I almost lost my life and could not function for almost a year following. I also lost my index finger. My mother passed away and one of my best friends died of cancer in that same period of time.  I was physically and emotionally destroyed, and did not know where I was going to get the strength to keep on living,” Iliana recalls.

“Help was there when I needed it.”

Iliana is thankful for the support from her family and friends that helped her regain strength and cope with heartache and loss. She’s also glad that she had health insurance when she needed it most. Although she faced a difficult uphill battle with health problems, there was one thing Iliana didn’t have to worry about: massive medical bills. With health insurance, the medical care she needed was covered. She didn’t have to pay the full cost for an ambulance ride, ER and hospital services, cardiology/heart care, doctor appointments and counseling sessions.

“Don’t wait. Protect yourself.”

Iliana says she would encourage her friends and neighbors to sign up for health insurance through beWellnm. “It’s very important to have health insurance … just look at me! I was not expecting a heart attack or car accident; life is unpredictable and it’s beyond your control.”

When Iliana enrolled for the first time through beWellnm, a certified broker helped her find the right plan. “I didn’t have any difficulty enrolling. The broker was excellent and knowledgeable; he helped me through the whole process. Now, I recommend my friends to go to him.” Like the majority of New Mexicans who apply through beWellnm, Iliana qualified for a premium subsidy, which helps reduce the cost. She’s happy with her health insurance plan and the protection it provides.

If you want to get covered, sign up starting Nov. 1, with help from beWellnm. Please call 1.833.ToBeWell 1.833.862.3935  TTY: 1 (855) 851-2018 or visit

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