2016 Vendor RFIs, RFPs, and RFQs

The following RFQs and RFPs are closed. 

Call Center Services

RFP No. 2016/008 Cost Proposal Template Response to Vendors Questions

Health Insurance Exchange Administrative Office Space

 RFP No. 2016/002

Hiring Services

RFQ No. 2016/007

Human Resource Services

RFQ No. 2014/008

Hyperconvergence Technology Solution

RFP No. 2016/007

Independent Verification and Validation Services (IV & V) Vendor  

RFP No. 2016/006 RFP Questions & Answers

Investment Manager

RFQ No. 2016/004 RFQ Response to Vendor Questions RFQ No. 2016/003

Outreach and Education

RFQ No. 2016/009

Outsourced Information Security Consultant

RFQ No. 2016/006

Professional Legal Services 

RFP 2016/004 Bidder Questions & Answers

Security Risk Assessment

RFP No. 2016/005 Response to RFP Questions

Tableau Deployment Services

RFQ No. 2016/005