Employer strategies

September 01, 2016

Although the Affordable Care Act is designed to broaden the reach of health insurance and has succeeded in reducing the number of uninsured Americans, it does not directly address the cost of health insurance.

Employers who provide health insurance for their employees may find it one of their biggest expenses. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the annual premium cost for family coverage averaged $17,545 in 2015.

Fortunately there are some ways to help control costs, such as:

  • Shifting workers to high-deductible plans
  • Having employees pay a larger share of premiums
  • Offering wellness programs that encourage preventive care and healthful lifestyles
  • Providing transparency and comparison tools that help employees choose cost-effective plans
  • Providing education about how to best use the plan
  • Contributing a flat amount to employees who can then purchase a plan on their own through the Exchange

New Mexico’s beWellnm for Small Business is open for enrollment on a rolling basis throughout the year. You can help small businesses with up to 50 employees compare health plans and costs on Use the Small Business Plan Finder to get a snapshot of group rates and plan features.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation.