beWellnm Small Business

June 20, 2017
BeWellnm Small Business is still here to support your efforts with employer groups!

Small Business Owners with 2 and under 50 full time employees have the opportunity to save money on health insurance with FREE assistance by seeking a professional Agent or Broker in their community.  If you have a group interested in saving their bottom line, Teresa McLane is our Operations Specialist for the beWellnm for Small Business and is here to guide you and your groups through the process.

Here are the facts: FAQs

Employer Benefits:
  • Retain the best employees by providing them choice base on their needs.
  • Select the metal level and contribution for your employees.
  • Take a tax deduction for the cost of health insurance premiums paid on behalf of employees.
  • Receive a 2 year consecutive small business health care tax credit only offered through beWellnm, eligible up to 50% of your premium.
  • Enrollment is year round
  • One beWellnm point of contact and one bill regardless of plan choices.
Employee Benefits:
  • Peace of mind knowing they are covered should they experience an emergency.
  • Reduce the stress and worry about not having health insurance.
  • Eliminates tax penalty when filing for taxes.
  • Preventive care and regular screenings keeps employee strong and health for their family.  
Give us a call at 1-800-204-4700 to learn more about the resources we have at beWellnm for Small Business and, or schedule a meeting with our expert Teresa McLane.