What matters most to health care consumers?

June 01, 2016

Knowing why New Mexicans purchase health care coverage can help brokers guide their clients to good insurance decisions.
A poll of NMHIX website visitors shed light on reasons for enrolling or re-enrolling in a health plan through the health insurance exchange by Jan. 31, 2016:

Reasons for enrolling/re-enrolling  
It's required by law 46%
Peace of mind 31%
Was dropped by previous plan 30%
Affordable 22%
To avoid penalty/fine 21%
Better/more coverage 12%
Pre-existing conditions now covered 7%
New personal situation 3%
Other 1%


Where the role of a broker can truly come into play is by helping clients who enroll or re-enroll. These individuals need education and guidance to help them find solutions to their health care questions.

Enrollment challenges (and how to help)

Too expensive/can’t afford it: Explain how subsidies work. Use the subsidy calculator to estimate what an individual or household can expect to pay for premiums if eligible for a subsidy. 

Benefits not worth the cost: Explain the importance of having health insurance and how a catastrophic health event can wipe out family finances.

Didn’t qualify: Work with the individual to find out why he or she was unable to enroll in a plan through the Exchange.    

Too complicated/confusing: Walk through the process step-by-step. Some individuals may need more explanation than others. Avoid jargon.

Poor coverage: Use the Plan Finder to help them find the right coverage for their situation.

Remember, education is the key to helping clients make wise health care coverage decisions. 

Source: NMHIX-Website Visitor Survey, December 2015.