HR trends to watch

February 10, 2017

According to, here are some of the human resource trends forecast for the next year:
Competition for workers: With the economy on a continuing upward trend, recruiting is getting tougher for many organizations. Some businesses are trying flexible work hours, expanded benefits, more vacation or medical leave options and amenities such as exercise and break rooms to attract and keep workers. A good health care plan may be one of the most valuable recruiting and retention tools. Read about tax credits for small business clients providing health insurance.
Generational issues: Workplace programs may need to be tailored to the needs of younger and older workers. Younger workers may be more interested in amenities such as free food, while older workers may prefer financial counseling. And research by the Employee Benefit Research Institute suggests Millennials are more open to nontraditional benefits than Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Employers should consider polling their workforce to see what appeals to each demographic group.
Wellness programs: These are becoming more popular but may also be controversial if employees feel they are being singled out for their lifestyle choices. A benefits consultant may help structure a wellness program appropriate for a specific workforce.
Paid family leave: Last year, Netflix made headlines by announcing it would offer unlimited paid leave to certain full-time employees during the first year after the birth of a child. Although most businesses cannot afford to be that generous, paid time off to care for children or elderly parents is a hot button.
Technology and personal data: High-profile hacks of government personnel data have heightened concerns about the security of employees’ and customers’ personal information. Make sure you have adequate data protection in place and communicate with employees about the importance of following data security procedures.
Regardless of trends, health insurance remains a sought-after employee benefit. Help clients explore plans with the Small Business Plan Finder.
Sources: and Employee Benefit Research Institute, December 2015.

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