Help clients get the most out of their health care plans 2016

December 05, 2016

Once the virtual paperwork is done and individuals have signed up for a health plan, there are ways to help clients and employees make the most of their health plan benefits. Here are a few tips to pass along:

  • Take advantage of annual exams, screenings and immunizations (such as flu shots) covered at 100 percent.
  • Use doctors, clinics and hospitals within the plan network. Using providers outside the network may be covered at a lower rate or not covered at all.
  • Understand if you need referrals or prior approval before certain appointments or procedures.
  • Use generic drug prescriptions (with approval from the health care provider) rather than brand names to save significant dollars.
  • Take advantage of any health maintenance and/or educational classes and materials offered by the plan.
  • Keep track of deductibles and copays and make sure they are applied correctly. 
  • Take advantage of smoking cessation programs that can improve your health and potentially lower health care costs in the future.
  • Exercise, eat right, manage stress and wear a seat belt to stay healthy and help avoid expensive hospitalizations and treatments.
  • Use any plan discounts for prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, as well as health care equipment.
  • If you near the deductible, consider scheduling any discretionary covered health care expenses before the end of the plan year. 

These tips may help health care consumers pay less out of pocket and stay healthier throughout the year.

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